Our experience tells us, that the biggest failing in business today is dealing with poor performance. Too often, managers and team leaders are given little or no guidance on how to do the most important job in business – manage people.

Our 1-day, high impact workshop will give attendees practical insights into how to get the very best out of their team. They will learn how to link team activities to the strategic business plan, and how to coach, counsel and control behaviours to achieve results. Importantly, attendees will be given practical frameworks to follow so they can provide consistent feedback, deal with poor performance and develop individual coaching plans to optimise improvement.


  • Aligning behaviours with strategic business objectives
  • Why coaching is a key management skill
  • What is performance discrepancy and why does it happen?
  • Understand how to observe, record and evaluate behaviours
  • Importance of hard and soft data when providing feedback
  • Identifying opportunities to apply new knowledge and prepare individual development plans
  • Self-performance review – how to become your own coach.


Who will benefit?

Managers, team leaders and supervisors who are either new to a management role or who have had no formal training. More experienced managers looking to take their skills to a new level and address specific performance-related issues.