understand yourself and others

Behavioural science research suggests that 75% of the population is significantly different from any given individual. Amongst the many differences that exist, people think differently, decide differently, communicate differently and work at a different pace. Not necessarily better, not necessarily worse – just different. Because we depend on many of these people for our own success, it is vitally important we learn how to recognise and deal with these individual character traits in ourselves and with others.

Our People Styles workshop will give attendees an insight into their own preferred behavioural style, show them how to assess the ‘styles’ of others and how to adapt their style to establish trust, become more influential and develop powerful, profitable relationships.


  • How you see yourself v how others
    see you
  • How to evaluate good and bad
    relationships OBJECTIVELY
  • Recognising key people styles & how
    best to positively interact with them
  • Understanding strengths and
    overdone strengths
  • The power of Trust and how to build it
    with each ‘style’
  • Flexibility is crucial: how to modify
    your style to get the best out of others.

Who will benefit?

Literally anyone in an organisation that works with or relies on others to fulfill their role. Especially suited to those in management, sales or customer-facing roles. This is without doubt our most versatile and powerful programme, understanding the fundamentals of people styles and developing higher levels of EQ is a cornerstone of personal and business success.