How will your team react to being back in the workplace post-lockdown?

With a year now passed since the UK’s first national lockdown, a great many of us have spent more time away from the workplace than we have ever experienced previously or are likely to experience again. For some it has been an unexpected opportunity to take stock, enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with […]

Can a compelling vision make a Formula 1 car go faster?

From our experience working with Williams – yes, it can. The recent change from family to corporate ownership at the Williams F1 team, reminded me of a project I was involved in at the start of my consulting career. During my time with @Spence Associates, we worked extensively with Williams F1. As a high-performance business, […]

High reward means high risk, but if we are hard-wired to avoid danger, how do we overcome our natural psychology in order to succeed in high-pressure situations?

According to Sean-Kelley Quinn, M.A., CC- AASP, Director of Mental Conditioning at Moawad Consulting Group, years of evolution have hard-wired the human psyche to avoid danger and so limit risk. This has helped ensure the survival of the species for thousands of years, but it can also impede our performance in high-stress situations, where the […]

Lessons from the kitchen. What leaders can learn from the pot washer – if they have the courage to ask.

In a society that increasingly celebrates superficiality, it’s vital that the value of actions over words, and substance over self-promotion is recognised and rewarded. Managers, leaders and business owners take heed. My wife’s family owns and runs a local bistro/cafe and, like many eateries recently, they have been overrun thanks to the Chancellor’s generosity and […]

Managing Remote Teams. How to Stick Together Whilst Working Apart.

Never before has the subject of remote working been thrown into such sharp focus as it has been during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Plenty of commentary exists as to what those forced to stay at home should do to create a productive environment and effective routine, but what about those charged with managing a remote […]

All I want for Christmas…

When it comes to getting what they want from Santa, children are the ultimate sales professionals. Grown-ups should pay attention if they want their wishes to come true next year. Think big, don’t over-think. Ask anyone under the age of 10 what they want for Christmas and, without hesitation, they’ll tell you. They don’t know […]

Is ignorance bliss? It can certainly be good for brands and for business.

Why a little well-intentioned ignorance can go a long, long way. According to the eighteenth-century English poet, Thomas Gray, what you don’t know cannot hurt you. We would go one step further and suggest that, in the context of external business relationships, what you don’t know can be positively good for you. We believe that […]

Driving Miss Daisy

Why persuasion beats dictation for changing behaviours. I had the privilege of attending an AA driving skills speed awareness course – courtesy of Derbyshire Constabulary. The invitation certainly seemed a better option than a fine, and I did genuinely hope to learn something. A reminder of the things we know we should do, but don’t, […]