Prepare off-the-field for on-field success

With such intense scrutiny of team performance on the pitch, it is easy to overlook the importance of the team off it. Yet, the ‘team behind the team’ is a critical element that determines success. Our specially designed programme gives managers the opportunity to look outside of the game and benefit from the very best practice in performance coaching and management – as used by some of the world’s most successful businesses – all of whom build teams that win. 


By using simple to understand and very practical management techniques, we help managers and coaching staff understand the fundamentals of human behaviour and show them how to get the very best out of themselves and others.  


  • How to set and implement relevant standards
  • Coaching, counselling and controlling – key management skills
  • The performance management framework – impact and improvement
  • People styles and team performance
  • The algebra of behaviour – why we do the things we do
  • Performance discrepancies and how to deal with them
  • Influencing upwards and sideways – managing key stakeholders
  • Recognising symptoms of stress and how to deal with it.

Who will benefit?

Anyone new to a team management or coaching role within a professional sports club or organisation, or anyone looking to move from player to coach as part of their career development.