Driving Miss Daisy

Why persuasion beats dictation for changing behaviours.

I had the privilege of attending an AA driving skills speed awareness course – courtesy of Derbyshire Constabulary.

The invitation certainly seemed a better option than a fine, and I did genuinely hope to learn something. A reminder of the things we know we should do, but don’t, do is never a bad thing.

Ever since, I must report to driving as if Miss Daisy herself were in the back and paying more attention than usual to the assorted Gatsos.

Have you noticed you are more likely to pay heed to a ‘please’ and thank you’ approach to speed enforcement than the usual command and control method of ‘SLOW DOWN’ and the threat of penalty points? It appears that a sign with no more than a little smiley or sad face prevents twice as many accidents as a conventional speed camera and yet is 90% cheaper to operate.

Persuasion, as all good marketers and sales people will tell you, beats dictation every time – a fact not lost on some of our county’s road safety teams. Combine this with a public display of your behaviour (29, 30, 31 MPH..) and any fair-minded driver will indeed do as they are asked, more readily than do as they are told.

Happy motoring 🙂

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