Don’t ask me how I am.

Ask for the sale, ask for an appointment or ask for the money.
Just don’t, ask me how I am.

Developing sales over the telephone is a tough and, often thankless task but, to succeed professional sales people must, above all else, get to the point – quickly.

A faux enquiry as to my well being or a glib comment about the weather or the approaching weekend just won’t do.

“How are you today? How’s things? You OK?” These redundant quesions simply serve to prolong the conversation and irritate the prospect before any business is talked about, never mind done. I know you don’t care how I am. You don’t know me, so why ask?

As Jeffrey J. Fox, the leading sales and business consultant, puts it; ‘Never ask a personal question before asking a business one and never ask anything unless you sincerely care about the answer.’ Break the ice at the end of the sales encounter not at the start and, if you genuinely want to build a relationship with the prospect, ask if now is an appropriate time to talk.

It shows respect, it is an earnest question to which you genuinely want to know the answer and it leaves the prospect’s looming trip to the dentist, doctor or accountant, out of the equation.

Time is our most precious resource and woe-betide anyone who is seen to waste a nanosecond of it. So, for anyone engaging in tele-appointing, the point is simple. Get to it, and quickly.

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